O.D.ing on LOVE

Sometimes you can’t eat, sleep or even speak after a nice dose o’ luv. Y’all know I don’t like explaining myself, so I’ll let these guys do it for me:

Everybody’s talking ’bout a Lovehandler

Steve couldn’t make it to the rehearsal today, so we decided to jam on one of your old favourite Motown songs from way back when…

HAH! Rather not, the powers that be allowed the remainder of the band to finish this new tune today.

The lyrics (not published as of yet) deal with the act of handlin’ love.

Atmosphere is everything

You remember how my condo looked a couple of days ago? Now look at this (Motown Studio A):
Motown Studio A

Hrm, reality is somewhere in the middle now (O.D. studio not finished):
My room November 10

Desert island top 1

Sometimes when you fuck around, something genius happens. Here’s a song in which Lord, Cokely and I sing about a Valhalla, a garden of Eden. Please appreciate its raw, post post modern¬† qualities. It really sent some shivers down our spine, that’s for sure.¬† It’s the guys saying thank you, goodnight and we will see you soon.

Garden of Eden

I forgot. Everything.

Who is in the band again, Wayne?