Love O.D. is an Amsterdam post-funk outfit.
They're currently recording their debut single at 4A Studios, NL.

Left to right: R. Bianchi, W.M. Lovehorn, S. Clock, F. Vanoosterom

Steve Clock is still a young man. With his sonore presence and no-nonsense attitude, he keeps the band together both in spirit and in sound. The fact that he's the new kid in town makes that all the more remarkable. His voice is the mirror of his soul, which is absolutely golden.

Wayne M. Lovehorn is known coast-to-coast for his relentless enthusiasm and seemingly endless source of excitement. You could call him mentally unstable, but he damn sure knows how to write a tune AND how to translate it to the bandstand. Lately he's been spending his spare time on his bachelor's paper, which discusses applied Asian humanoid reproduction theories.

Ford Vanoosterom is an allround hipster who was practically born with the bass in his hands. He's been playing since the age of five and ranks internationally amongst the coolest on his instrument. His effective background vocals showcase a knack for oral loving like no other. What a guy...

Rubens Bianchi, a Dutch drummer whose professional career has been going strong for over a decade, is currently perfecting his beat in the Jewish district of Amsterdam. Being based in Los Angeles, California for the past seven years, he became an important part of the American jamband scene. Where rock 'n roll is his name, love is his game.